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Sunday, July 12, 2009

*For rain that's fallen halfway down the sky, I apologize, for sunlight burning holes into your eyes, I apologize...*

Hello all,

I just wanted to write and apologize for my very long absence from the web of spanking. My excuses are as follows: I've had several medical problems, I became extremely depressed and had panic attacks, and I've been working on getting back into school. As far as the school thing goes, I should graduate or at least walk in December. Depending on scheduling and Financial Aid is when I will know for sure what I have to do. They accepted my appeal after they denied me but said that I had to follow Federal guidelines...and I don't understand any of it. Wish me luck.

As far as the spanking scene...I'm still into it; very much so. I haven't actually been spanked in forever though. I found, a while back, www.spankingtube.com and I like it. That and Spankolife; as well. I kinda really like someone right now but I am not sure what he thinks, so I'm just trying to stay cool about it all.

I still have a lot of goals that I need to accomplish, it annoys me that I can't seem to do them on my own. Hopefully I will graduate and then I can say I did that on my own. Here's hoping anyways. Dang me and my negative thinking.

Feel free to suggest subject for me to write about, I'd love anybody's imput.

Again, I am very sorry for disappearing, and no I can't promise it won't happen again...but I hope that I don't.

I hope everyone is doing well and having lots of spanking good fun! ;-)



Angie said...


I do hope things health, relationship, and school wise get worked out for you, Kimmie.

I do understand how frustrating this can all be.

Best of luck,

Angie said...

oh, and btw?

cute pic. You don't give yourself nearly enough credit, silly girl.



Kimmie said...

Thank you so very much, Angie. You made my day. :)

I'm working on getting back in school, it's looking like it will probably work out for me. As far as health, I could be doing better. And...I technically have no relationship but I have a major "thing" for someone. :)

Thank you again! <3

Bonnie said...

Hi Kimmie!

There you are. It's good to see you active again. As Angie said, best wishes with health, school, partner, and TTWD!


Kimmie said...

Thank you, Bonnie. I've missed reading your blog. Life always gets in the way. :( Hopefully I can stay around more often now. Thanks again, hun. Hope you are well! :)

Angie said...

Well hi again,
And thank you for the comment, glad you liked the site, I think they have lots of nice stuff.

And if I was your age? Gosh, tons of things from there I could wear.

Kimmie said...

Hi Angie,

Goodness, maybe I am young but I'm certainly not in good enough shape to wear lots of the things on that site. :/ :P