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Friday, July 17, 2009

Alernative Punishments

Now most people include spanking and corner time in their punishments, if they're in a DD relationship. I'm wondering what other alternatives there may be to that? I'm in a "sort-of" long distance "relationship (I guess)" so even alternatives for those dealing with someone from afar. So I'm asking for both 'in real life' and in distance relationships.

If any of you are in, or have been in, a similar situation, or even if you know someone who has been. I'd love to hear your opinions.


Angie said...

Hey you,
Well, for long distance, a lot depends. Will you actually Do what you are told to do and carry it out?

And, if you are open to it (for them, not us), a webcam will go a long ways in ensuring you aren't fibbing about stuff.

But punishments. Well corner time is Still good for long distance. And lots of variations, such as wall time.

Mouth soaping.

Early bedtimes.

Restrictions from phone, computer, etc.


Punishment clothing.

Using a 'silent' spanking like Capzaisn cream to rub on your bottom.

Enemas, suppositories, soap sticks, and figging (hey, you asked).

Written punishments, done by hand, and then scanned and sent to them. Each page signed, numbered and dated. Could be lines, or an essay, or copying verses, lots of things.

Best of luck,

Kimmie said...


Yikes. I can imagine that Capsaicin creme is a nightmare on a bottom. What do you mean by 'punishment clothing?'

I could see myself doing some of those...and some not so much. lol

Thanks so much for the ideas, dear.


Angie said...

well hi there, hug.

I was just coming by to say thanks for the nice comment on my story. I Do hope that was a good girl pout, young lady.

Punishment clothing, oh gosh. Tell you what, I will write a little post about it. I'm glad I happened to wander by, otherwise I wouldn't have seen that you responded to my comment, we don't get notified when their are comments to your blog.

And the Caps cream can be bad, some are much more sensitive to it then others. Will be curious to see a post, seeing which of the things you might think of trying..