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Monday, July 20, 2009

Alternative Punishments: Willingness.

Someone recently asked me to write about what kind of "alternative punishments" I would be will to try if the situation ever arose that I were not physically there with a partner (or, I guess, even if the partner were there). I'm going to try to answer that the best I can. My mind is not completely here today. :(

I'm probably weird for this but I have this problem with doing intimate things over a webcam (and sometimes camera) without FIRST meeting the person, after that I'm okay with it. I don't really know why, but it's hard for me to do. I guess it could be that they would have seen and felt me in person and know what I actually look like and who I am. *shrugs*

Yes, it certainly depends on whether or not I would do what I was told in a long distance relationship and so far I've been pretty good at doing so. I've done the whole corner time thing and I hate corner time so it does work for a time. I'm unsure about all of the different variations that there may be...I've done certain positions, like hand behind back and sticking my bottom out, or hands on head even.

I've had soap in my mouth before and I hate that and it really isn't my thing and makes me feel very sick, so that would really depend on if my partner really wanted me to do that.

Early bedtimes would not work on me at this point in my life. I have pretty bad insomnia due to racing thoughts so it would just make me very angry and I wouldn't be able to make myself do it because I'd go more insane than I already am. Maybe someday that will change.

Restrictions from computer, phone, music, etc. would work, but not for long distance relationship...I don't think. I consider grounding to be in the same category.

Punishment clothing...now I recently read Angie's blog post about that and found it to be VERY interesting and it opened up my mind a lot to the subject. I'd be very willing to try it and I think that many variations would work on me. I don't own any thongs because well, I hate them. If I were made to get some and wear them...yep that would straighten me up rather quickly.

Also, wearing clothes to sleep would drive me nuts because I can't stand having any clothing on whatsoever when I sleep. I would not get much sleep and therefore would be a good little girl from then on.

"Silent" spankings were mentioned and I would actually not mind trying that although it sounds rather painful...but hey, that's part of why we do TTWD. I'd be willing to buy something with Capsaicin in it, although I'm unsure of what products have that it in or where I would buy any. Suggestions?

A hard limit of mine are enemas, suppositories and such. I just...won't do it right now. I'm willing to try anything one but...I just don't know.

Written punishments would certainly work on me because repetitive writing drives me nuts most of the time. I'm so used to typing now, heh. So, any variation of the sort would be considered a good punishment (or part of one).

Clothespins are another thing that works on me. The sensation those cause when I'm not, in the mood, is very intense and incredibly painful.

Okay, my brain is overwhelmed at the moment. I'm sorry this post is so short.

<3 *Kimmie*

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Angie said...


I think a nice thong or two to have in your panty drawer, and the ones with that nice lace on the edges, would work quite nicely then. Then a nice snug panty girdle over that as well....

And the brand that most seem to use is Capzasin HP, and you can pick it up pretty much anywhere.

Oh, and better get started on those lines as well....